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A New Kind of Map

Our maps are one-of-a-kind city maps. They’re data visualizations of your Foursquare check-ins. They’re fine art prints delivered to your door. They’re your unique story of exploring your favorite cities.

How it Works

You, the Mapmaker

Color shown: TI–58

Before the world was circumnavigated, measured, and surveyed, maps were created by adventurers, explorers, and artists alike.

By drawing mosaics of points, symbols, and lines, they charted new territories and sparked the imaginations of those following in their wake. With Etch, you become the mapmaker—marking your experiences on city maps to preserve, admire, and share with others.

Oh, the Places You’ve Been!

Color shown: TI–58

The places we’ve been tell a unique story about our lives.

They are a measure of the distance we’ve travelled from home and the world we have yet to discover. We form strong emotional ties to places—they become meaningful when we go on an unforgettable trip with friends, move to a new city, find true love. Our maps are the perfect way of telling your story, one place at a time.

Finely Printed Art

Color shown: TI–58

Made with exceptional tools, materials, and craftsmanship.

Our maps are printed by craftsmen on state-of-the-art digital presses in Washington D.C. They’re created with exquisite materials: archival heavyweight fine art paper for rich color reproduction and texture. Every map is fingerprint and smudge resistant—ideal for display without framing.